Green Juicing Info

Green Juice for a Healthy Heart

The term “green juice” can actually refer to a wide range of vegetables processed through a juice or blender to transform the solids into a smoother liquid. Though spinach and kale are among the most common options, it can also include Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, wheat grass broccoli, bitter melon and many others. Continue reading

5 Supergreens to Add to Your Green Juice to Fight Against Cancer

Supergreens are known for their innate ability to ward off and fight many different types of medical conditions. One of the most powerful contributions dark greens make toward a healthier you, is their ability to help fight cancer. Many doctors are realizing the importance of incorporating more dark, supergreens into a healthy diet for aid in fighting off certain cancers, as well as preventing them from even starting to grow.

Some of the most powerful cancer fighting supergreens include:


Broccoli contains a substance known as isothiocyanate that researchers believe sparks genetic changes that are responsible for activating genes that are known to fight cancer while switching off other genes that fuel the tumors. Between the two dynamics, this gives broccoli a huge edge over other vegetables to make it on the list of cancer fighting supergreens. Continue reading

8 Tips to Make Your New Juicing Habit Stick

Any time of the year is a good time to start juicing. The health benefits of drinking fruit and vegetable juice are numerous, ranging from improving your digestive health to increasing your body’s ability to repair itself and bolstering your immune system.

However, as with any new routine, sticking to your juicing habit can be hard. Follow these 8 tips to help make juicing a part of your daily routine for years to come. Continue reading