Cucumber Curiosity

Some juices sound strange, but end up tasting divine. Don’t be scared. Just do it. This juice tastes really good and looks pretty too.

There are a lot of health benefits to eating both cucumbers and beets. Cucumbers are very high in liquid content, and are high in vitamin B. If you need energy, instead of running for something with caffeine, drink some cucumber juice.

Cucumbers have something called lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoisolariciresinol – say that three times real fast – these important ingredients are known cancer preventatives that are actually extracted and studied in labs. It’s also an excellent digestive aid and anti-inflammatory.

Beets are powerhouses in their own right. Their bright color reveals a high concentration of iron and B vitamins. This is important because to properly process iron you need the right B vitamins. Beets are especially good for pregnant women due to this powerful combination.

Side note: Some people believe beets to be an aphrodisiac, and there is even some research being conducted that’s starting to back up this ancient idea.


2 Cucumbers, washed
2 Beets, washed well


Run the ingredients through your juicer as instructed for the type of juicer you own. It’s best if you alternate with 1 beet, then 1 cucumber – repeating until done. This will ensure that you get the most out of the ingredients and your juicer. Cucumbers have a lot of juice and will ensure that all the beet juice is washed from your juicer.

There is no need to worry about peeling or preparing your vegetables. For this juice, you simply need to wash them well. You can even leave the beet greens on to make an even healthier juice.

1 Serving.