Green Juice Lowers CholesterolOne of the main ingredients found in most green juice drinks is spinach, which is not only high in iron but contains a generous amount of lutein. In just a half-cup of raw spinach, this natural pigment has the power to clear the artery walls of excess cholesterol. This type of cholesterol, known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), has been associated with heart attacks and strokes. Studies show that this ingredient acts as an antioxidant to dissolve plaque that can build along the aortic tissue.

Lutein can also be found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale and certain squash types. These types of vegetables also contain a nice amount of soluble fiber. Fiber works by working with the bile acids made by the body to help digest food.

The best way to get the most fiber into a regular diet is to consume vegetables in a raw state. This type of fiber is also found in apples, pears and some citrus fruits. If making a green juice smoothie at home, fiber intake may be increased by leaving the edible skin of a fruit intact.

Doctors recommend that daily fiber intake should be about 12 grams daily. Natural and supplemental fiber can also play a role in reducing LDL numbers, which should be less than 200 for the average adult. Some soluble fiber products, like psyllium husk, can also be added to any liquid as a way to feel fuller and promote gastrointestinal regularity.

Studies have also shown that powdered ginger can significantly reduce LDL amounts in the bloodstream. Anyone who is making green juice at home may use fresh ginger if they like the spiciness. For those who want just a hint of flavor to counteract the vegetables may use powder or steep a few pieces in warm water for a little flavor. However, experts suggest not using it too often because it may cause a person to develop an allergy.

Besides being high in vitamins A and C, bell peppers also contain nutritious fiber. While the red pepper has been noted to have the most dietary fiber, any green drink containing this ingredient is essential to weight loss. Bell peppers also contain iron, which helps keep red blood cells healthy.

Many think that if they are having a green drink they are automatically on their way to better health. When choosing a green juice drink for health reasons, it helps to read the labels carefully. Many popular brands are mostly fruit juices with just a little juice from a dark, leafy green added for color. Remember that labels list each ingredient in descending, or highest to lowest, order.

Also, green drinks that are sweet tend to be mostly bananas or pineapples. These fruit drinks are also high in carbohydrates and sugar, which in excess is not beneficial to any health care regimen. However, those that list apple or lemon juice toward the end are usually harmless. The brands that are mostly fruit also tend to cost less than those made with raw vegetables.

To ensure that a person gets all of the beneficial ingredients they need to fight cholesterol, it may help to invest in juicer or blender with juicing capabilities. Otherwise, there are many brands that contain pure vegetables that have been blended in their natural form. Doing this regularly will not only lower LDL levels but provide natural energy and possibly weight loss with the inclusion of balanced meals.