Green Juice Recipes for MigrainesHere are a few nice and easy green juice recipes to help reduce or eliminate your migraines:

Recipe 1

1 stalk of broccoli
2 carrots
1 apple

Recipe 2

1 stalk of celery
1 carrot
1/2 a cucumber, skin on
1 sprig of dill
1 apple

Place your ingredients in a juicer and enjoy! Consume the green juice anytime you feel the migraine or headache. Give it a few minutes to work and you will feel relief.

People who struggle with severe headaches keep looking for natural solutions and this is certainly the best. Most prescription medications that are used to fight these migraines cause more harm than good. Green juices are the best all-natural alternative to prescription drugs. Stress, bad posture, poor diet, lack of sleep, emotional tension, or environmental toxins are just a few other factors that lead to these headaches.

By consuming healthy green juices each day, you can now return to your normal daily routines like home, family, work, or recreational activities. The nutrients from juice can reach your bloodstream faster if they are consumed in liquid form. Other fruits and vegetables to make healthy green juices are:

  • Mint
  • Cucumber
  • Leafy Greens
  • Parsley
  • Okra

In order to get the maximum of its benefits, drink the fresh green juice as soon as it is made. Okra is a healthy vegetable, but you have to pick a healthy way to prepare like boiled, raw, pickled, fried, juiced and even stewed.

Okra can give you many nice benefits ranging from relieving asthma symptoms, boosting immunity, reducing bad cholesterol, treating kidney problems, relieving migraines and headaches and controlling diabetes. Okra can enhance blood glucose related absorption in the stomach allowing blood glucose levels to stable.

Okra Water Recipe

You will need 4 fresh okras. Remove the okra ends, and slice them in half length. Soak the okra in 3 cups of water overnight. Drink your okra water in the morning, before having breakfast. This will help you cut off your cravings during the day.