Nutritious Herbs for Green Juicing

There are plenty of herbs you can use in your green juicing recipes that will not only give you a variety in taste but a variety in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Keep reading to find out more about some of the most common herbs for green juicing that will give you the most of what you’re juicing for.


Dandelion leaves are a high nutrient herb that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. When you add Dandelion leaves to your green juice, you are adding calcium, iron, Vitamins, A, E, C and K, as well as potassium to your diet. If you suffer from fluid retention problems, Dandelion is known for combatting fluid retention as well as improving kidney and liver function.


When most people think of parsley, they think of a garnish. Sprinkle a little on your food for flavor. Well there are a few reasons you’ll want to include it in your green juice. Parsley is a known cancer fighter. It has been found to fight cancer causing toxins from cigarette smoke as well as colon and prostate cancer. It is also loaded with antioxidants, boosts your immunity and acts as an anti-inflammatory.


We all know how healthy garlic is. It has so many medicinal properties that everyone should be getting adequate garlic in their diet every day. One of the most common benefits of garlic is its ability to help lower blood pressure. It also acts as an antioxidant and natural antibiotic. Fresh garlic in your green juice is an excellent way to give you added benefits for your health when you incorporate it daily, into your healthy lifestyle.


When it comes to a well-rounded herb that has many different medicinal properties, this herb seems to have it all. Basil not only has a great flavor that will give your green juice a unique taste, but the health benefits it offers are ones many people suffer from. Basil is a cough buster, immune system booster, it helps fight acne, can help improve vision and relieve stress. Fresh basil in your green juice on a regular basis can work wonders for your overall health.


Ginger is most recognized as a spice used in Asian food. It is commonly used to cure nausea and as a natural anti-inflammatory herb. Ginger has been found to be an excellent cancer fighting herb and immune system booster. It is often used for digestive disorders and to improve circulation. Although powdered ginger does offer some of the same benefits, you will get the most benefits from raw ginger root in your green juice.


Mint is a refreshing herb that makes you feel good in many ways including refreshing your pallet. Other ways mint benefits your health is through the stomach. Mint is known to help with digestive disorders like heartburn, reflux and IBS. It also is known to aid in respiratory issues like colds and coughs, and nasal congestion. Mint is a very good blood cleanser as well as it can be sedating; relaxing you and calming your nerves. Add some fresh mint to your green juice for flavor and a boost to your health.