The Healthy Green Drink DietThe Healthy Green Drink Diet is a program that will show you how you can lose weight and improve your overall health by drinking just one juice a day that is made from green vegetables. The book is full of recipes for green smoothies that will suit any taste. Whether you are new to juicing or have been doing it a while, you are sure to find some new ideas that you can try.

Green vegetables have many benefits when trying to improve your health. They are full of antioxidants and provide a boost to your immune system. Drinking them in a juice drink is an excellent aid to weight loss. Green vegetables have very few calories so when you add them to a drink you are adding a lot of goodness without having to worry about the calorie count. Studies have also suggested that when you consume a lot of green vegetables you start craving other vegetable and fruit which can also help in your weight loss efforts.

The Healthy Green Drink Diet is ideal for people who are new to juicing, but people that have been doing it for a while will also find it a very useful reference guide. It has several recipes that are perfect for people who do not like green vegetables, as the taste of these is fairly well hidden with the inclusion of other ingredients. This makes it the perfect for plan for people who know that they should be including more vegetables in their diet and who want to do so but don’t like the taste.

The book is fairly unique in that it also contains a number of recipes that can be made using a blender, meaning you don’t have to go out and buy a juicer if you do not already have one. Juicers can be very expensive and this cost is enough to put people off trying juicing even though they would want to experience the benefits. As long as you have a blender then you can try the recipes in this book.

The plan starts off by encouraging you to make at least one juice drink each day that contains green vegetables. This is an approach that feels achievable and this makes it easier to stick to in the beginning. Once you have gotten into this habit, then you will find it much easier to introduce other healthy changes into your diet.