Wheatgrass Juicing - A Natural Healer

Source of Antioxidants

One of the reasons fresh Wheatgrass juice works wonders in healing is because it contains anti-oxidants. These are mostly enzymes that help to break down toxins such as carcinogens or to bind up harmful heavy metals in our bodies. That leaves the body cells healthier and free to perform their natural biological functions.

Fresh Wheatgrass also contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). These compounds do a great job in binding free radicals in our bodies and from radiant sources. That goes a long way in keeping our bodies free from cancer and other diseases we are vulnerable to when our cells get damaged.

Fresh wheatgrass juice should be taken within 15 minutes of juicing. That is because fresh wheat juice will start disintegrating shortly afterwards. The fresh juice is in some sense alive. It is the very source of nutrition for the plant as it grows. Getting is full benefits depends on you drinking it while it is still fresh, just as the plant cells would have utilized it.

Benefits of Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass Juice

Oxygen Boost

The fresh juice contains oxygen-rich chlorophyll. Oxygen delivered in chlorophyll has no side effects because it is only released when the chlorophyll is broken down. Unlike other organic substances, chlorophyll contains energy that has been absorbed from the sun. Taking the chlorophyll is the equivalent to capturing the sunlight and drinking it. You get fully energized in a special way. Just like the plants do.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Studies have indicated that those who take wheatgrass juice report reduced joint pain and swelling. The effect can be explained by the fact that chlorophyll helps to fight inflammation, which is blamed for joint pains and arthritis.

Source of Vitamins

Wheatgrass Juicing is known to be a great way to supply the body with vitamins. Vitamins are water soluble, which makes it impossible for the body to store. Therefore, supplying them abundantly, which wheatgrass does better than any other fruit or vegetable is a great way to stay healthy.

These are the vitamins to expect when juicing Wheatgrass

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin B

Wheatgrass Juice Relieves Chemotherapy Side Effects

Those who take fresh Wheatgrass Juice while undergoing chemotherapy have shown a better tolerance to treatment. It helps their body cells repair themselves faster, giving patients a healthier feel while reducing the number dead cells in the body, which in turn reduces the burden of cleaning out the body of dead cells.

That is possible because fresh Wheatgrass Juice contain essential amino acids. These essential amino acids help in the rebuilding of cells. They are the basic building blocks of proteins, since the body cannot make them on its own; it has to get them through the food we eat.


Wheatgrass juice is known to help fight anemia because of its higher iron content. Anemia weakens the body because it results in lower intake of oxygen. Taking wheatgrass juice every morning boots the iron content supply of individuals with anemia.